Sunday, February 6, 2011

whee homework

I have this piece I'm doing for my Styles and concepts class

it's a factoid about the fact that Helen Keller was the first American to ever own an Akita dog. The Akita do originates from Japan and the people of Japan loved Helen Keller, (they called her "Saint Helen") so  she was given an Akita puppy when she visited. She ended up owning like three before she died. I found this fact out on Christmas day when my grandma was watching a dog show. Weird right? Anyway Critiques are welcome the piece isn't due for a couple days so I'm always willing to do some changes. I based my reference of the stye clothing in the 1940s and I used this painting as my reference...

yeah so critique away... 


  1. Excellent project :) I didn't know that about the akitas, you learn something new every day!

    I unfortunately have no critiques, but if you have time/want to, perhaps it would be good to darken the lines around her face, since they seem to dissapear into the background. Or give her face and hands a touch of pink flesh colour :)

  2. Cool thank you! I think I am going to try darkening the lines I just don't want it to end up to heavy.